Vertical Jump Affiliate program author: Jacob Hiller

What Is The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is a vertical jump program designed to target every facet of an athletes vertical explosion. It has the complete information needed to attain the maxium vertical jump and quickness. Available for download upon purchase the Jump Manual contains software which is compatible with all computer platforms, windows, mac, linux.

How Will This Benefit Me?

The Jump Manual claim is that you can gain 10 inches in 12 weeks on your vertical.

Whats In The Box?

  • Complete workout chart
  • Complete training video library
  • Exact nutrition plans
  • One on one training emails
  • Weight room alternatives
  • Jump training forum
  • Interviews with professional athletes and coaches
  • How to enhance your form for immediate vertical gains

Also includes a glossary of training vocabulary as well as how to make a portable nutrition center.

How Fast Are Results Seen?

It’s important to maintain reasonable expectations of
improvement. Early on during training, most
athletes report feeling lighter on their feet and more powerful. Often gains of
1 inch per week are noticed.  The fastest results come at the beginning as you
begin to activate new muscles and benefit from new techniques that you have
never used before.  You will eventually settle in to a steady climb of increased
explosion and speed.

Who Is Jacob Hiller? 5-15-2011-4-22-37-AM1

Jacob Hiller has been involved in vertical jump training for over 10 years.
Jacob developed The Jump Manual, a concise guide to comprehensive vertical jump
training.  He has trained and consulted athletes and coaches  from high school,
college, NBA to international Olympic athletes. After achieving a 44 inch
vertical for himself, Hiller developed methods to systematically exceed 40
inches in vertical jump abilty by implementing his multi-faceted explosion

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. If in 60 days you are not 100% satisfied, Jacob will offer you a full refund.

Whats The Catch?

The catch is that there is more to being a phenomenal athlete than just
how fast or how high you can jump. This requires hard work, discipline, focus, and consideration. Also,
excelling at your sport is typically much more than being the most athletic
player on the court. You will soon find that you are reaching your physical
potential, and you will still need to focus on other aspects of your particular

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